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A project schedule is something that needs teamwork in many different dimensions:-

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Project Scheduling

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-iSat provide many services in-house meaning that successive stages like delivery, installation and training, can be seamless. Whereas, engaging separate suppliers may cause delay if they want (for instance) evidence of arrival of equipment before planning installation.


iSat is familiar with a wide range of satcom suppliers and their cost/delivery trade-offs. Illustrating and quantifying these through the use of Microsoft GANTT charts helps customers order the correct balance of speed and cost.


We have evidence and references to show that we complete our projects on time and to budget- you’d expect all suppliers to say that. What some suppliers don’t say is when they can’t make the timescale. Sometimes, (to our regret), we’ve seen other suppliers take orders on the basis of delivering on-time and then don’t. We are into project scheduling for the long term, and not just for one-off orders. We will crunch leadtimes and illustrate options, but we will never offer a leadtime that even we don’t believe we can achieve.

-The customer expects a delivery which is often faster than comfortable, but we like delivering early so to a large extent, our ambitions are aligned.


-The suppliers won’t build to forecast so leadtimes cannot be ‘optimistic’.


-Payments in and out have to be managed for the satisfaction of both parties.

Managing these different requirements become interrelated, but iSat’s vast experience has created some tools to ease some elements that may otherwise become restrictive, for instance


-iSat have a bond facility with HSBC Bank which manages advance payments from customers in a secure manner.


-iSat have fast and responsive suppliers who we have trained up over years to know that delivering when we need it, is as important as the quality and the performance.


-iSat employees are dedicated and committed to customer service, meaning they understand the revenues of our customers that depend on reliable delivery.

alpha_chart Image of a GHANTT Chart