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Precision RF integration


You can buy the antenna and redundant amplifiers representing the highest percentage of your investment. However if your investment is not assembled, working or reliable yet then you either need an integrator that builds antennas and amps, or an antenna or amp manufacturer that integrates. These options either don’t exist or are commercially unattractive. iSat provides an integration service with a unique pedigree which benefits from years of integration experience in Europe.

iSat line iSat line


iSat line iSat line

iSat have two commercial approaches to integration.


a) Integration only of high value customer furnished equipment. iSat have a reasonable handling charge which covers use of duty and VAT suspension service, unpacking, caring for / insuring through the period of integration, and repacking. Customer gets benefit of iSat’s highly experienced staff and supply base, and facility for FAT and/or Training without paying the overhead margin for capital equipment. Options include customer or iSat running the cable design, M&C configuration and writing the acceptance test procedure.


b) Full integration buy and build service, where iSat charge an additional fixed margin on capital items that covers the financing requirement and contractually delays the acceptance of the capital items until they are tested and integrated.

Depending on customer attitude will determine which approach suits them best, but iSat standard of integration remains the same high class.


iSat’s experience with our local supplier base enables us to prepare cables and patch panels for satellite equipment integration including:-


- Rugged cross site mains cables


- Rugged (with connectors that don’t fall off) L-band cross site cables, L-band breakout panel, L-band lightning protection and earthing, splitters/combiners and patch panels.


- Mains distribution units individually fused, and staggered switch on

- AV cables and patch panels


- Fibre connectivity


- Monior and Control cabling


- Sreen printed front panels


- Professional cutting tools for panel cutting


- Professional drawing set with wiring lists, cable numbers and cable drawings.

Example of iSat Integration. Full integration buy and build service satellite equipment integration and racking. iSat design and manufacture Racks.