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Precision RF integration


After all the technical assessment of the tender, commercial agreements, contracts, integration, testing, and shipping, it’s a joy to begin the physical construction. This should be the easy bit right? With an iSat installation, performance and completion is guaranteed and provides the most secure route to starting commercial service on-time. Some customers will complete this stage themselves, but RF power, especially at higher frequencies, are a speciality in which iSat have years of experienced to offer. Installation is an additional cost yes, but the in-service date is more certain to be hit.  

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Any delay in completion date, could potentially cost the purchaser the service revenue that the investment was allocated to support. An installation cost is a small price to pay for securing that recurring revenue. There are often economical attractions to splitting the integration from the installation, but we will always offer installation to ensure customers cognitively make the choice.


Our installation team are fully equipped with the correct tools, spares, O rings and test equipment to provide the correct installation. At Ka-band, tools become smaller and more precise, and any 3rd party standard installation kit proven on Ku band, is not going to be adequate for these sensitive components. iSat installation tool kits are an essential element of passing SAT and future maintenance

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