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Testing at iSat confirms products conform to specification before despatch to the installation site. Our headquarters is surrounded by a 24 hour patrolled barbed wire fence which ensures security of equipment when FAT is lasting a few days. The iSat facility has direct line of sight to link to the satellite arc from just outside the test lab which together with security, allows for EIRP stability and other endurance tests to be completed. The facility itself houses highly resourced test equipment plus people with years of experience in their use.

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FAT testing UK

iSat line iSat line

The facility has high quality restaurants and coffee bars serving the technology campus which numbers 1000s of employees. Also available are dedicated meeting rooms for small meetings and lecture theatre rooms for over 100 people; flexible to accommodate all needs.


Our headquarter building is close to Farnborough station which is just 35 minutes by direct train to London, allowing testing by day, and good sources of food and entertainment by night.

FAT testing UK - Factory Acceptance TV Backhaul VSAT. A graph of FAT testing. FAT testing PC image.