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Precision RF integration


It’s essential for an installation to be able to be re-visited in 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years and at a moment’s notice refer to information that starts a service recovery or maintenance event. iSat provides and maintains a comprehensive record of all projects. Our standard is an in-house drawings set for integration that provides detailed references:

iSat line iSat line


iSat line iSat line

-AC drawing; Cable assemblies; cable type/ connector type/ connection each end.


-BP; Block schematics showing all items sold in a picture.


-DL; Reference document list of all documents relevant to that project.


-MP; Manufactured part numbers of iSat assemblies.


-SA; Sub-assemblies of the complete system- for instance a sunshield with brackets and nuts/bolts etc.


-WD; Wiring Diagrams with separate sheets for M&C, Mains, Signal.


-WS; Wiring Schedule recording the number of the cable (numbered physically at each end of the cable), where it goes to/from, what AC number applies.


With a documentation pack from iSat, the project is maintainable and serviceable for the expected life of the equipment or service.

iSat Documentation Wiring Diagram iSat Wiring Schedule chart. Satellite design technical blueprints.