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Precision RF integration


iSat delivery service provides options to suit various customers. The most popular options are:-

iSat line iSat line

Delivery DDP

iSat line iSat line

- Ex-wks packed for transport


- CPT- delivered on airplane to local airport where ownership changes hands as the product exits the door of the aircraft


- DDP- delivered duty paid to site


Capability includes the Gulf region, African and Asian countries. Where we import and export for integration in UK, we use our UK government registration to suspend local duties and VAT for the integration period- smoothing our project management process.


Our delivery service is experienced in the requirements of country of origin, notarised and correctly presented invoices ensuring minimum delay at customs in the country of destination and contributing to reliable project delivery.


Packing for transport is based on experience, and an understanding of the handling to be expected as freight is forwarded. Especially we add wooden protection to the rim of single piece reflectors because nearly 100% are damaged without it.

For VSATs operating at high frequency such as Ka-band, iSat pre-assemble the boom arm containing BUC, LNB, filters, transitions, waveguide, sunshields and feeds in order to provide the clean and precise assembly that guarantees operation. At higher frequencies, dirt and mis-alignment has a much larger impact on performance than at C-band. The entire boom arm is braced and packed within a protective strong wooden crate to ensure safe arrival at site.


Delivery DDP in the satellite industery. Big rack VSAT box. iSat products - protected with wood! Boxs of Satellite equipment.