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Repairs and Returns RMA portal.


iSat provide repair and service after-sales through their RMA portal. This web-based tool streamlines the returns process and allows customers access to the latest state of repair.

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After-sales support

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For repair and returns, iSat have established a web-based returns procedure avalable at the link below.


Our online system allows customers to see how the repair on their item is progressing. The system is easy to use:


1 Set up an account.

2 Fill in details about the product to return.

3 Press send.

4 iSat Ltd sends an email back with your RMA number.


With this new system customers can see how their repair is processing, for instance: received at iSat, diagnosed, repaired and dispatched. This keeps customer fully informed, and shows dates of progress.


iSat Repair and Support services include: Modems, Sub-Assemblies, Translators, SSPAs, LNCs, UPS’S, Converters, Down Converters, Transceivers/ BUCs, Test loop translators and Routers.

Repairs and Returns

Advantages of iSat’s comprehensive Repair and Support Service:


Rapid turnaround on repairs ensures the spares you rely on are returned quickly, reducing potential loss of service.


Increase ROI by extending the product’s life and reducing the number of spares required in a spares support system.


Our one stop service means we take care of the repairs process leaving you more time and less hassle.


High quality repairs help ensure maximum reliability is maintained.


Environmental impact reduced through repair & reuse rather than buying new.


Many repairs are undertaken in UK reducing freight costs and emissions.


Online RMA portal service offers an Immediate RMA response and up to date information on repair progress and has reduced turnaround times for repairs.

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