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UK-based Integrated Satellite Applications Technologies Ltd (iSat) will be attending the IET Milsatcom event on June 1st and June 2nd 2017 at the IET's Savoy Place, overlooking The Thames, London.


Bookings are avalable if you wish to make an appointment in advance.  


IET Milsatcoms, one of the leading events for the military satellite community. The conference is an outstanding opportunity to hear briefs from industry and government experts, consider new case studies and to engage in discussions on the latest technology for secure and seamless Milsatcom delivery.


We look forward to seeing you there!

About iSat


iSat designs, manufactures and installs bespoke satellite earth stations and VSATs worldwide, covering frequencies from C-band to Ka-band. In addition to standard-frequency products, iSat specializes in VSATs for the less common satellite frequencies including the Ka-bands, 25GHz, 27.5GHz, DBS bands 18.1-18.4GHz,  12.75-13.25GHz "Appendix 30B" and 14.50-14.80GHz Ku-band expansion bands, and X-band frequencies. Our terminal design optimizes the use of bandwidth for satellite operators and their customers and we can adapt assemblies for flyaway and vehicle applications.

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iSat to attending IET Milsatcom at Savoy Place, London, June 1/2


June 2017

iSat announces software update for Tracking Feed for Inclined Satellites. Read More


May 2017

iSat Ltd to attend IET Milsatcom June 1st to June 2nd at Savoy Place, London. Read More


February 2017

David Harper launched iSat's inclined tracking feed at CABSAT 2017 Read More


October 2016

iSat wins VSAT tender with support from ARTES entry. Read More


September 2016

New contract for specialized frequency high-power amplifiers awarded to CPI. Read More


August 2016

iSat announces extension to innovative feed tracking solution, incuding three Ka and Ku feeds to 2.4mtr. Read More


August 2016

iSat LTD delivers C-COM's 1200 as X-band.  Read More


July 2016

iSat reaches major milestone in development of feed tracking for inclined and Ka satellites. Read More


February 2016

iSat receives research and development grant from UK government for market leading development. Read More


January 2016

iSat LTD has announced it has designed and manufactured bespoke racks for Kuwait TV. Read More


October 2015

iSat develops Ka antenna with special feed to save 2dB at Ka- unique opportunities for early adopters. Read More


September 2015

iSat developing feeds which outperform the competition, attends IBC2015. Read More


August 2015

John Yates appointed as non-executive board director. Read More


August 2015

iSat develops X-band terminal for Spainsat X-band. Read More


July 2015

iSat M4 feed for use with Es’hailSat and Eutelsat at 25.5 degrees East. Read more


2015 February

ARABSAT Telecom Forum in Morocco: David Harper presents Ext C and Appendix Ku hubs and VSATs to commercialise ARABSATs bandwidth.


2014 December

iSat moves to Cody Technology Park joining an elite group of highly innovative technology companies. Read More


2014 December

HTS at GVF’s London Roundtable event: David Harper presents Ka licensed VSATs with Renato Goodfellow, Head of Global Satellite, BT Global Services.


October 2014

iSat has delivered and installed of two pilot VSAT terminals at Es’hailSat. Read More


2014 November

iSat Delivers Pilot VSATs to Begin Commercializing Es’hail 1 Ka-band Transponders.


2014 July

iSat look to take on additional staff to help meet an increased workload.


2014 May

iSat’s new miniature X-Band VSAT  features 10W BUC FILTERS LNB FEED OMT; approved for use with most X-band satellite operators.


2013 May

iSat receives an order for 22 VSATs for on-going government operations under pressure of liquidated damages to schedule. Read More


2013 May

After-tax profit in second year. Read More


2012 November

iSat wins 429k contract for major earth station equipment and monitor and control for NATO run earth station; implemented with great precision before year’s end.


2012 June

iSat secures a support contract with 2 major governmental departments to provide continuity for advice and consultation and through life support for installed systems including repair of all earth station equipment.


2011 December

iSat concludes the delivery of £448k contract to NATO earth stations on time.


2011 July 

iSat announces Frame agreement with Paradigm Services.


2011 April

Launch of iSat Ltd acquiring the assets and 25 years experience of OmniGlobe satellite Integration Company from administration.