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iSat design feeds for VSAT Ka-band hub device. Es’hailSat in Qatar

Case Study – Ka-band hub for Es’hailSat

iSat is heavily focused on research and development as a competitive tool for our customers benefit. In this case study, due to another supplier’s failure to complete a hub in time, iSat were asked to design and develop a hub to begin to commercialise transponders transmitting at 18GHz and receiving at 22GHz. A project at these frequencies had never technically been achieved before.  

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From an outline specification received by email from customer, the complete proposal was compiled in a few days and included these major components:-

iSat’s experience enables it to rapidly source products and components with support of trusted key suppliers and prepare credible test routines. iSat also uses its ISO9000 procedures to run the project from bid, go/no go, bid launch, contract launch, project management and standard forms such as FAT and SAT sign-off sheets.

The project started on receipt of funds to HSBC bank and iSat designed the feed and integrated it with equipment, completing the necessary FAT including range tests to confirm the predicted EIRP and G/T performance.iSat assembled and integrated splitters and all ancillary equipment. iSat delivered DDP to site in middle east (this includes organisation of customs duties, inland transport and off-loading the lorry at site for storing in secure location). iSat installation team completed commissioning and SAT on-time and to budget. Training followed one week later on site (but we also offer training in UK), followed by documentation packing. The customer’s key service availability date was achieved, and made available to create revenue.


This case study shows that iSat’s research and development can deliver in a controlled manner - a technically challenging Ka-band project and for Ka-band hubs, iSat has the experience and capability to commercialise Ka-band transponders within reasonable timescales.


The proposal was iteratively polished day by day in keeping with customer amendments and modifications. When agreed, iSat rapidly prepared the contract based upon a template presented by customer.


Customers of iSat can use our HSBC Bond facility which includes return bank and performance guarantees. This facility is established and provides secure transaction for international clients.