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Precision RF integration

4 port Ka-band tx switch offset antenna RX 11 offset antenna Fine adjust linear Ka-band transmit



iSat have designed VSAT terminals for over 20 years. The experience has delivered terminals for X-band, Appendix 30b at Ku band, Reverse Ka band, and high power Ka-band. At higher frequencies, the skill to configure the filters for high power amplifiers with good G/T performance becomes more important, and iSat have a number of solutions designed, installed and working in critical infrastructure.


Ka-band 25GHz Linear

Ka-band 27.5GHz Circular

Ku-band 14.5-14.8GHz linear

M4 Reverse Ka-band VSAT

X-band VSAT

Appendix 30B VSAT

981 X-band

X-Band 2.4mtr single piece

iSat Services


iSat have a range of services supporting products, terminals and infrastructure projects. These services are equally essential to deliver and coordinate with customers procurement teams.


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Recent Case Studies














Spot the ISS in this video of the feed tracking NSS7 inclined satellite. Simple, low-cost and retrofit-able.

Feed tracking for connection to low cost inclined satellite bandwidth











iSat is an innovative driven company, contracted with the European Space Agency to develop a single axis tracking system that can extend the life of a satellite and/or give user access to low cost satellite bandwidth. The case study illustrates the exciting development journey that results in a product ready exploitation in commercial systems.


Applicable to offset reflectors 1.2mtr to 3.8mtr and inclined satellites such as


Eutelsat 31A



Ka-band hub for Es’hailSat.


Transponders with Ka-band are becoming common. What is not so common is a supplier that has relevant actual experience of supplying, pointing and installing/ commissioning Ka-band VSATs. iSat is the world's leading experience in Ka-band antenna systems at 1.2, 1.8 and 2.4mtr antenna size. At Ka-band these relfectors are already approaching illuminating an entire transponder.

iSat's high performance feeds


iSat have developed a range of special frequency feeds for offset and center fed reflectors. Some examples are:-


Transmit            Receive        Polarisation

18.10 – 18.40    21.40 – 21.70   Linear

24.65 – 25.25    21.40 – 22.00   Linear

14.50 – 14.80    13.40 – 13.70   Linear

27.50 – 27.60    21.40 – 21.50  Circular


Our feeds are accurately machined which has two benefits:-

a)There is no cost of a mould- which is expensive when you only need a few hundred or thousand.


b) Machined parts can use a tool to go around corners bringing benefits in side-lobe performance compared to a moulded horn.


iSat integrate 1:1

RX assemblies

adjustable for



This assembly is an

in-house designed

4 port linear feed

with a tx-switch

mounted on

the feed

support arm.


This is an example

of a linear Ka-band

transmit with filters

and side entry for TWTA.

It features a precision

feed pointing

mechanism for easy

polarisation isolation optimisation during installation.


Contact iSat for your professinoally designed ka-band assembly.

iSat line iSat line

iSat Ka-band terminals are available from 27.5GHz to 31GHz because iSat design and manufacture their own feeds for circular or linear polarisations. This skill enables us to connect to some transponders with interesting coverage, some of which are illustrated coverage, some of which are illustrated below.


Astra Ka-Band 4A

Es'hailsat Ka-Band

Eutelsat 25B Inverted Ka-band

Eutelsat 8 west a at 8.0 w Ka band

Nigcomsat Ka-Band

Nilesat Ka-Band

Yahsat 1B Ka-band


If you're keen to commercialise an opportunity, but require Ka-band VSAT terminals- you have found your source.

iSat Ka-Band VSAT Service Coverage

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iSat X-Band VSAT Service Coverage


iSat X-band coverage are transmitting at 7.9 to 8.4GHz and receiving at 7.25 to 7.75GHz. iSat engineered a range of terminals including C-COM at X-band, and they are available PV rating 'Unclassified' ready for export.




1 2 3

iSat's Feed Positioner


The pointing accuracy required of a Ka-band antenna is twice as demanding as Ku-band. iSat's manually adjusted feed setup enables fine adjustment of the transmit cross pol after setting up on receive frequency.


Feed Positioner

Feed outlay - 150