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iSat has electronic rack and patch panel design experience going back decades, and this insight gives an unbeatable ergonomic design for satellite integration requirements. An enquiry was received recently from Kuwait TV to provide racks for broadcast equipment from RF, encoders and IRD plus local M&C monitoring. The project also included services such as FAT, and training at iSat location in Cody Technology Park-which is perfect for hosting such events- and onward freight to destination airport.

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For this project iSat drew on the years of experience of handling customer furnished goods worth thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Anyone at iSat handling customer furnished equipment is using clean white cotton gloves to keep the customers equipment looking ‘brand new’. New equipment is only ever rested on cushioned pads. Our drawing office produces designs for bespoke panels for RF patch panels. The panels are screen printed together with other branded blank panels. Our racks look as great as they work.


iSat is connected to the internet with high speed fibre, allowing customer remote internet access to pre-configure and check remotely in advance of FAT.

iSat is based in UK, part of EU. Customer Furnished Equipment delivered to iSat is subject to payment of VAT at 20% of the original value, which can be reclaimed by customer on export from EU. When iSat’s freight service is taken, the VAT and duty payments can be deferred for the period of integration, helping smooth the customer cash flow.


iSat is based at Cody Technology Park, and this environment has finest offices, high quality restaurants and meeting rooms supporting the activity of 1000s of the most innovate people in the UK. Together with highest level of security, it provides a relaxed environment in which the business of testing and acceptance can be conducted. The Farnborough main line station provides rail connection to central London in 35 minutes and while the work at iSat may be testing, the evening (and if desired) night life in London is within easy reach.

Combining all of our skills and experience mentioned above, our project for Kuwait TV resulted in system acceptance without reservation on time and to budget.


iSat delivers high reliability by specifying and procuring only the highest quality components from its local supply base. Very few products are procured from China, simply because we know and trust our local experienced suppliers who can respond at short notice to customisation. This dedication to quality assures customers that the integration is the same high quality as the high capital items it connects together.


iSat understands the environment that the customer works in. For instance the depth of some rack equipment in this project was such that one solution was to move the equipment forward in the rack. But to retain a clean front face of the rack, it meant the patch cables would be further forward, risking kinetic damage from operators when carrying out their duties. We were reluctant to move the equipment forward, and recommended another solution involving mounting new interfacing brackets (which our supplier base could quickly manufacture).  This solution was gratefully received and accepted by Kuwait TV. The result of professional integration is the sum of a number of these small decisions that result in a ergonomic, reliable, maintainable and good looking rack.