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Monitor and Control showing backup. Eritrea TV Monitor and Control Huge satellite ground segment.

Case Study – Monitor and Control of Contribution rack for Eritrea TV

Eritrea required to connect to Jordan Media City to get their television channels into an uplink bouquet. The requirement included:-

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iSat Case Studies

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For instance, the design of backup equipment is:-

-For a redundant LNB configuration, the iSat solution is to use a Test Loop Translator from the transmit side to provide a receive signal into the backup LNB whose output can be monitored to know for certain that the backup LNB is working. Without such a configuration, it’s impossible to know the backup LNB is working.


-For the redundant Encoders configuration, the iSat solution is to split the incoming signal to both encoders as opposed to switch the input. Both encoders then have signal and this gives re-assurance that the backup encoder is working. Switching the input means the backup encoder is off, and it cannot be certain that it will work when required.


In conclusion, we believe monitoring the backup equipment is equally important as monitoring the in-line unit and it can only be achieved by correctly designing the RF circuits.


iSat completed the M&C of the rack, interfacing with different manufacturers equipment and consolidating views of the equipment on one screen.


Screen shots of the M&C system show

-a clean view of the top level GUI screen with Encoder A failed, and Encoder B working from backup.

-screen that pops-up over the top level GUI when user clicks on Terrasat IBUC icon to input transmit configuration parameters.


-Redundant encoders and modems

-Redundant amplifiers

-Rack, cables, brackets and supports



iSat have installed many versions of Monitor and Control systems using various software for different customer preferences:-


-ILC Maxview for MSTelecom in Angola

-Alphatron for NATO client

-Visionic for this ARABSAT and this Eritrea TV client


This experience across many different software providers has given iSat the understanding about what to expect from the software, and how much remains to be completed by the system integrator:-


-GUI design and control of layout

-Controlling design of presentation of backup equipment to give confidence they will work when switched.

-Symbols, units of measure within the GUIs

-Control cable connection, design and documentation

-Checking driver design by Satcom experts as quality control