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iSat designs and builds infrastructure for major satellite links for satellite operators, prime contractors and governments. Our recent successful trading has been to integrate high value equipment supplied by customer into a major earth station (sizes equal or greater than 3.7mtr). This has created a win-win situation of a commercially competitive solution for the customer, while iSat concentrates on delivering high quality project services. iSat expects this new method of working to become a normal business partnership going forward and is unique amongst our competitors.

iSat has delivered reliably, on time and to budget for over 20 years in X, Appendix Ku, k and Ka bands for 1 to 30 unit networks. This activity is aimed primarily at helping satellite operators commercialise transponders using emerging frequencies.


iSat’s core technical and commercial areas are staffed by people with years of experience within satellite and RF communications markets. iSat’s aim is to be highly efficient to maintain our competitive advantage. iSat selects its employees for complimentary specialism’s in order to provide our customers with a rounded buying experience and first class service. iSat is well connected and can call upon further technical, legal, and financial consultant specialists, as well as a network of local manufacturers and competitive raw material suppliers.

iSat believes innovation provides a competitive advantage. Innovation as in the commercial arrangements described above, and also in RF technology. iSat’s new feeds, filters and waveguide has provided a means for our customers to commercialise their transponders using emerging frequencies. The new ITU 24.75-25.25GHz as well as 27.5-29.5GHz bands is another future market accessible through iSat’s feed design capability. iSat, with application for support from European Space Agency Artes 3-4 program, is innovating new feed positioning equipment for the VSAT terminal market in Ka-band.


iSat provides comprehensive project services for delivering satellite projects. Integration at our secure facility in Cody Technology Park provides an opportunity to use the high class training facilities. After a successful FAT, we can deliver the goods almost anywhere in Africa and ME DDP, and ensure invoices and goods meet custom requirements, before providing off-loading support at final destination. Our customers often complete the physical build, with iSat returning to the action at commissioning, training and documentation stage.

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